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The countryside, indeed any rural setting; can be a great therapy for many people. The fresh air, the sound of running water, the birds in the trees. At 1st Class College Ltd, we believe that the ability to be at one with nature is a huge asset both for mental and physical well being.

Whilst we promote this, we also recognise that skills are needed to maintain the countryside we all know and love.

Our mission at 1st Class College Ltd is two fold

  • Promote mental health and well being
  • Provide education and training through our various accreditations.

1st Class College Ltd has the needs of rural communities at its heart. It champions their needs, setting itself at the forefront of agri education and training, cherishing the countryside and natural environment as a resource most worthy of care and protection as it passes from one generation to the next. We recognise the importance of progress and development alongside conservation of our natural and built heritage. We support ethical and sustainable practice. This brings benefits for all.

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