Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents

Lantra-Awards_logo_APPROVEDTo meet the changes in UK Law, this Lantra approved training course is now being offered by Ceres Co-operative Members The 1st CLASS College

This new and exciting 1 day course comprising of Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA), satisfies the new requirements within Northern Ireland, regarding the purchase and use of Rodenticide.

Why is this course a legal requirement?

In July 2015 the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) launched, a Rodenticide Stewardship Regime for the UK to ensure that risks from using rodenticides are properly managed.

This Regime was established following discussions with Government and other interested stakeholders, including the UFU and other farming organisations.The aim of the Regime is to help provide robust assurance that the continued use of rodenticides is following a hierarchy of risk controls for rodents and it also promotes responsible use and good practice by all suppliers and professional users.

The use of Anticoagulant Rodenticides to control rodents outdoors presents a higher level of risk to other animals such as predatory birds and mammals than would normally be considered acceptable.

However the Government recognises that, despite these risks, the outdoor use of rodenticides is sometimes necessary as part of properly managed rodent control strategies.

From 31 March 2016 stewardship-labelled rodenticides products for outdoor professional use will require compliance with stewardship conditions. Non-stewardship-labelled products will be gradually removed from the market and they will cease to be available on 1 April 2017. To obtain professional quantities of rodenticides, farmers who are a member of a relevant farm assurance scheme will need to meet the requirements for stewardship by 31 December 2017, as part of the agreed transitional arrangements. The earlier deadline of 1 April 2017 is when all other users, who are not part of a relevant farm assurance scheme, need to comply with the requirements of stewardship to access professional quantities of products.

The CRRU has a 7 point Code of Practice

  • Always have a planned approach
  • Always record quantity of bait used and were it is placed
  • Always use enough baiting points
  • Always collect and dispose of Rodent bodies
  • Never leave bait exposed to non target animals or birds
  • Never fail to inspect bait regularly
  • Never leave bait down at the end of the treatment

To download a full copy of the CRRU Code of Practice click here

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So whats in the 1 day course?

  • How to avoid harbouring rodents
  • How to protect equipment, property and public health
  • How to monitor and record rodent activity
  • How to comply with Legislation
  • When to take further action
  • The most effective and appropriate methods of control Safe Storage
  • Transport of Rodenticides
  • Disposal of spent bait and Containers
  • Keeping Rodenticide Records

(max number of students per course 8)

What will this course allow?

Successful certification will allow a rodenticide user to legally purchase/use and manage rodenticides (rat and mouse bait), whilst understanding and reducing risks to your health and others.

For more information on this, or any of our other Lantra Certified courses call us on +44(0)2877764429 and speak to Peter or Patricia.

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