Raising Strong & Resilient Communities

RS&RCKey Action 2 Erasmus+ Project, with an over budget of approx £ 25, 000, (partner countries: Netherlands, Finland, Northerm Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia)

Background and current setting:

Economic and social times are changing, globally and in Europe. Communities are in transition, and not only through migration. Citizens are obliged to become more self-sufficient. These are changes and challenges not easily accepted and dealt with.

Successful initiatives depend on factors such as trust, sharing emotions, recognising and accepting differences. If cohesion and progress are the objectives, then storytelling delivers the tools and also creates engagement and compassion. Stories of shared values, shared plans and more equality provide the best examples for all that. The most successful story expressing this is democracy.

The project:

With the project ‘Raising Strong and resilient Communities’ the consortium wants to develop a set of educational tools that can be used in adult education (with a focus on non-formal adult education) focussing on active citizenship and participation. These tools are based on existing and the further expansion of developed approaches, theories and methods of storytelling.
These tools are a teacher/ trainer manual, structured courses for adult educators, and a collection of videos/ audio recordings to showcase best practices and function as instruction videos.
The tools will be developed around the development of competences of cooperation and communication in differing communities, between various ‘divides’, such as intergenerational, intercultural, etc in order for learners to actively engage in local community work.

(Taken from Storybag.nl)

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