OCR /RSA Level 3 Text Production & Word Processing (QCF)

220px-OCRLogo Assessment Type:  Classroom, Computer Based Testing Entry Requirements: No formal entry requirements, computer skills and advantage,   Duration 20-30 hours

Course OverviewThe aim of the course is to assess your ability to produce a variety of complex and specialist business documents involving technical terminology from handwritten and typewritten drafts, and recalled text.  These will include multi-page letters, multi-page reports, two-column articles, notices for display, landscaped tables and memorandums.You will also be required to display work to conform to directions given concerning style of presentation: line spacing, emphasis, insetting from the left-hand margin and centering over the typing line.  Also: Inserting Footnotes.  Correcting unmarked spelling errors, errors of punctuation (including apostrophes) and errors of agreement.  Copying part of a previously stored document to a specified location within a separate document.  Paginating documents as instructed.  Changing Fonts and/or Typeface.  Creating tables with differing numbers of columns from information in a data sheet.  Presenting information as shown in draft, or as instructed.  Producing extra copies and indicating routing as instructed.

What is the QCF?

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