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How was your customer service over Easter?

Did your staff do their jobs to their full abilities or did they get by on knowing they would be busy over Easter, but what about now!  A level 2 qualification could help enhance their skills and develop better customer relationships.  Supervisors could be trained to a level 3 standard, helping them to understand the risk implications to poor customer service.Watch for local examples coming up on YouTube this month.

Do your customers think WAYMISH?

Level 2 award in Customer Service, Booklet supplied (for you to keep) 6 hours is 3 hours study of booklet and 3 hours in classroom.  Qualification is a multiple choice exam, click Here_L2_NVQ_CERT for more details.

Level 3 certificate in Customer Service, for supervisors, business owners and departmental heads.  It’s a portfolio based on your experience and workplace.  This is designed for people who deal with customers every day as part of their job. Click Here_Fact_Sheet_L3 for more details.

Lyndsey Harkin Cere’s Sector Specialist for Customer Care says “I believe every sector needs to consider training in Customer Service, may it be retail, business admin, or IT, Customer service has an impact on every business.  Can be completed over 6 months.”

Contact: Lyndsey on 07849197213


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